So I got my first tattoo a few days ago, and have been feeling a lot of anxiety about it since.

So a bit of background. This was not an impulsive tattoo by any means. I have wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember, and have always looked at people with tattoos enviously. I thought I would get a tattoo the moment I turned 18 but could never decide what I wanted (am currently in my early twenties.)

I am a big world traveler and am currently living abroad. Once I started traveling I started thinking about getting a tattoo of flowers to represent the places I’ve lived. For the past year I have been thinking about this. I am currently living near Hong Kong, and I found an amazing tattoo parlor and put in a request for an artist. After finalizing details, I had a 4 month waiting period before this tattoo, and never once thought it was a bad idea. I saw a sketch of the flowers a week before the tattoo, and fell in love immediately. I literally saw the sketch for a second and said “it’s perfect,” and was so excited for the tattoo leading up to it. The day of I was nervous, naturally, but went through a 4 hour session and came out with my tattoo of flowers (all with specific meaning) on my shoulder blade.

After the tattoo I felt awful. I think I was expecting to immediately love my tattoo (like I loved the sketch) but I was freaked out to look at my shoulder. I think that I’m a little overwhelmed by how big the tattoo is (yes, I knew it was going to be big after the sketch, but still felt overwhelmed). The tattoo itself is gorgeous, all done in black linework, my artist did a great job. That being said, since I’ve gotten it it still kind of freaks me out when I catch glimpses of the tattoo, and I keep thinking DO I regret this, or is it common to have to get used to a tattoo? I have been thinking about this for SO long, and I think it scares me more that I feel this way after having thought about it for this long.

If you guys have ever experienced mixed feelings or anxiety after a tattoo, or if it’s ever taken time to get used to a tattoo please let me know any advice or stories, anything to help ease my mind!


Take another Xanax and post a picture of your new tattoo


LOL the ultimate buyers remorse !

you have to get over this one,it’s kinda not something you can just return !

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Wow, I’ve never felt like that after a new one. I m always excited. They always come out very differently than I had been imagining, but way better.


Good luck.

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oh dear. I cant say I have ever gotten one and immediately regretted it but then i don’t generally live my life by wasting my time regrettnig things. I actually forget that I even have some of the sometimes and then i catch a glimpse of them and its like being reunited with an old friend.

I think you’re over thinking this. Societal pressure and doubts about how you look to other people are clouding your judgement. The answer is, who gives a fuck, if you like how it looks it will soon become a part of you and you’ll wonder what you ever looked like before it was there.

If not, theres always the laser removal pages to consider but what a waste of money…


You have it now, enjoy it.
It’s not too early to plan your next one!

Keep us posted.

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Hi there,

I think it’s funny I just found your thread:) I just got my tattoo yesterday after a year of looking around, thinking about it and finally deciding and I love it, but this morning I was feeling a bit like you, as if maybe I had made a big mistake and panicking “a little bit”. It’s in my forearm (I’ll post a picture in a few minutes), so it’s quite visible, but I agree with what the others are telling you, you are over-thinking it and worrying too much, remember that you thought about this for a long time, it’s something you really wanted and you are old enough to make these kind of decisions, so enjoy it and be proud of yourself for sticking with it!


Something like a forearm tattoo for a first one, especially if its quite big can be daunting at first. Especially in summer because it’s always right there on show unless you deliberately attempt to cover it. But dont worry about it, you’ll get used to it being there. My advice is that if you’re the type of person who is indecisive and unable to commit maybe a tattoo isnt for you lol


Time heals. I have one on my forearm that I really don’t like the execution of, but it has not put me off of more tattoos. As time passes, I really see it more and more as part of me. It is way too dark, but maybe I have some very dark areas to my personality. I would like to suggest that you get a good web cam and look at yourself as others will see you. You may find that the mirror is not the best way to look at a tattoo.


I understand. I’ve never had this happen to me over tattoos, but after I got my boobs done, I was so depressed. I was deformed from breastfeeding, so anything would have been better, it’s just shocking to have such a big change in a short period of time. Like my boobs, your tattoo will grow on you, and become of piece of who you are.



I am actually going through similar feelings right now – I got a very large owl portrait on my left shoulder. it’s a beautiful tattoo but it truthfully didn’t come out exactly as I had envisioned, so I’m freaking out a little bit. to another person’s eye however, its a beautiful piece of art and I’m sure yours is too. i can tell you also however, that i felt similarly with my very first tattoo, which is actually just a very small symbol on my wrist. is your tat healed completely yet? i think the healing process can cause some anxiety as well, because you’re looking at something on your body that still isn’t even in the very final stages of what it will look like forever, as it is still healing/scabby/peeling/whatever. once my first tattoo was totally healed, the anxiety disappeared because it became flush with my skin and felt more like “a part of me” if that makes sense. half the time now i forget i even have it – and honestly the same goes for another huge forearm tattoo that i have as well. very visible but i don’t honestly notice it most of the time lol. and when i do i think wow this is literally just part of my skin now. cool feeling. hang in there!

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