Ok, so here’s the deal: I got a tattoo on Tuesday and it seems to be healing fine, but when I moisturise and/or wash it I can feel the skin is starting to become a tiny bit crusty, and the general area has started to become slightly itchy (especially below the tape around the wrap for some reason, guess it’s reacting with the skin or something).

    I know itching is a no-no, and this far the urge to itch hasn’t really been so strong, but I’m afraid it will be.

    I suffer from eczema and am used to itching at various places on my body year round. I don’t even notice it when I scratch myself most of the time, and, what really worries me in this case, is that I do it at night. Various people have confirmed this, but I don’t notice it because I am asleep. I am now very scared that my tattoo will get itchy as people say is normal, and that I subconsciously will scratch at it while sleeping. Any advice? Anyone with a similiar problem? I really wouldn’t want to ruin my new tattoo and not even being aware of doing it.


    You shouldn’t have any wrap on it now. Just put socks on your hands and do not over use moisturizer
    Please post a pic of your new tattoo.


    Have someone you trust handcuff your hands to the bed.


    Hi, Ive got the same problem right now after my skin reacted to the cream my artist used, it was their shops home made stuff unfortunately my skin reacted and now is crazy itchy, socks on your hands may sound silly but is a very good idea. My doctor gave me a cream that has antibiotics and steroids and is clearing it up hopefully it will all be gone ready for my second sitting. Mine only reacted on a segment of my chest my collarbone done same time is fine except for some blow out


    Please post some pictures.

    I would like to know what is in their “homemade stuff”.

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