It’s quite small, maybe at most 4cm by 2cm. That’s like a general idea on what i want to tattoo, any suggestions on how i should change it?


If I am honest the general idea is good but that picture is pretty boring for me personally.

A map I have made of great artists around the world – http://thebragartlist.mobuapps.london/

The idea could be made kind of cool, the tattoo artist of you’re choice will draw the design up thereself though.

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?

It is very plain. But to add more detail (like adding something that looks like a REAL rollercoaster), would also require more size.

Where on your body are you thinking about?

If it’s what you want, find a decent artist and go for it.


Full backpiece with a super realistic rollercoaster carriage showing people screaming in fear/delight with an image of the grim reaper one side and an angel the other, carried out by one of the top artists in the World.

4X2cm? I think you’d be better off getting a small Black star in all honestly, that’s tiny.

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

Tattoo design, any design, CLICK HERE


I’m not really sure, i was thinking of the area around my hip, but i’m afraid of it stretching as i grow older.


Thanks for advice guys!! I think i’ll ask the artist to do up a new design but something like it? I was thinking of having it on my hip but i’m afraid it’ll stretch as i grow older. I also want it small, cos i want it just for me, like it’s not plain sight?

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