Ok I have an appointment with two artists for a collaboration. I noted that they both need to be present for the first appointment. This makes sense since I guess they will consult with on another while they are drawing the tatt.

I thought a collaboration was more one guy does the line work the other does the color.
My concern is how much extra is this going to cost? Obviously for the initial drawing I imagine I will be paying both their hourly rates, but what happens after that, are they both going to be working together at the same time for each session resulting in double the hourly rate of a single artist?


That’s something you will most likely need to discuss with your artists.


not all collabos are lining/coloring. as for pricing that is something you need to discuss with the 2 artists but i assume they will charge you their usual hourly rates since your tattoo will finish, theoretically, twice as fast.


you pay full rate for each artist but supposedly they can finish twice as fast……….I have seen them work both ways, one guy lines, another colors…..I have also seen different artists wanted to work on a certain section and did……..but alo of work done at Atlanta’s All or Nothing is both artists tattooing away at full speed at the same time, it does make big work go fast

the only way I want a collaboration is two great artists with s uper idea, or two I may never be able to get or get together. I wouldnt pay for a collaboration from two artists down the street………I prefer one working solo

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