I’ve been doing research on how inks were made back in the day. One of them that intrigues me is that they used to use blood as a tattoo ink. How would that work? Anyone have any ideas on how one would make an ink out of blood?

This is purely for educational purposes, I dont actually intend on getting a tattoo in blood.


I once tried writing in my own blood in a Bible, but it got me kicked out of religion class and the teacher told my parents I needed counseling. 😡 I haven’t put much thought into using blood as ink since.


Cut your vein with a knife empty it in to a well known ink bottle like “fusion ink” make sure the bottle color is red and sell them some red ink when its really just blood.

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I would imagine that you would have to use it quickly. I would think it would coagulate pretty fast.

Also, unless something was added to the blood (some sort of pigment) I don’t think it would last. Think about it. Any time any of us gets tattooed there is invariably blood mixed with the ink. Even if you are using white ink it doesn’t change the color after it’s healed. There is such a thing as blood-lining though. I won’t get into the mechanics of it but that isn’t permanent either.

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Hmm.. I guess you wouldn’t get tattooed with someone else’s blood. I mean, there are bloodtypes and diseases to worry about.

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