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My parents allowed me to get a tattoo and I’m fifteen years old. Now, I know thats a bit young, but I’m thinking about this since a year nosw and I really do know what I want, where I want it, and who is supposed to do it. But… since I am still growing, will my tattoo deform as I get older? The skin will – I think – stretch untill I’m fully grown. So, anybody who got a tattoo with fifteen or younger, or anyone who knows an answer, did your tattoo deform?

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I would love to know which artist is breaking the law to tattoo you under age?


Well, he’s not braking the law, I live in Switzerland. It’s allowed there. I should have clarified that, I’m sorry.


Welcome to the forum………..me, I would wait a long time, work on an idea and like Ive been told in the past, wait and see if that idea stays just as awesome as it was the day I thought of it, many times those ideas change, what sounded great today, doesnt sound so good in 6 months, if it does, ink it


please read this How old
You will find most people that got there tattoo young now regret them and some have gotten them covered up.
What ever you do Good luck.


Being a mom and a tattooist and in canada where there is no age limit I have to say if it is what you want go for it, but to be honest the way i kept my boys from getting one to early was a blood line on thier shin hehe. took a few years before they asked again. as for strecthing depends on where you get it since you are still a growing kid, lower back splat tatt area should be fairly safe, shoulder aswell, mine didn’t deform it just faded bad but it was done with a single needle. I think arms legs feet hands and chest will deform a bit still but i could be wrong as i am quiet often (just don’t tell my husband that shh).


Thanks, guys. Helped me a lot. And I am still willing to get the tattoo (it probably won’t deform on my shoulder, so… what the hell) I’ll go do it in three weeks and hopefully post an image here, if I don’t forget. ๐Ÿ˜€

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