I got a Thundercats tattoo today. You can see a picture of the design here: http://www.impressiontees.com/images/designs/transfer/thundercats.gif
It is just solid red and black ink. This is my ninth tattoo. The artist applied the red ink first, took a break and then applied the black ink last. He did the occasional rubbing as he applied the inks, which I have experienced many times before getting a tattoo. For some reason, the black ink has stayed on some of the red ink, so now there are some black streaks on the red part. This obviously must of got there when he was rubbing the black ink. I’m just wondering if the black ink will stay or eventually wear off since it wasn’t tattooed into the skin. He didn’t charge me for the tattoo and told me to comeback in two weeks for a retouch of red ink if the black marks don’t go away.
If the black marks don’t go away, will the retouch of red ink cover it up? And should he have applied the black ink first to avoid this? I’m asking this because all my tattoos are solid black ink. This is my first time having a tattoo with two colors.



Really need pics of the tattoo not the design.


Even without a picture wiping shouldn’t permanently move black ink over onto any part of a tattoo. It has to be inserted into that area of the skin. Did you wash your tattoo? and yes post a picture.



has it healed like this or is it still in the process of healing?

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