So, I was asked this weekend about my wrist tattoos while out and about. I received some nice compliments about them and someone wanted to take a closer look at them. The person who asked about them wanted to get a wrist tattoo as well but didn’t know which way it should be oriented. I guess I’m weird but I actually have mine oriented as such:

My cross tattoo is a reminder to me so I got it where it is right-side up to me but upside-down to the world. (No, I’m not satanic)

My other tattoo is a tribute to my late mother, so it is oriented so that others see it as right-side up.

Does anyone else have any wrist tats that they would be willing to share its orientation and reasoning for it? Or feel free to post your opinion anyway even if you don’t have a wrist tattoo.

Kit Piper

Old thread, but….

I have an inner-wrist tattoo that is oriented right-side-up to me when I have my palm in front of my face. Like you, this tat is for me to look at as opposed to a decoration for others to see. If I do want to show it to someone else, and have it be right side up to them, I can just hold my hand up “stop” style.

It seems to be counter to what most people do, though. When I went in to get inked, the artist automatically placed the stencil “upside down” and I had to ask him to turn it around. 🙂

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