Hello. I am new to this tattoo thing. I have a concept art I drew myself with pictures I sent to a tattoo artist via E-mail. It’s probably going to be a full back piece.

My first piece is going to be a full back piece. So what exactly am I in for? lol

How long you think something like this will take and if someone recently got a back piece done can tell me their experience.

One of my questions is. I am about 350LB and if I were to lose weight, would the tattoo be deformed as I loss weight?

I am pretty good with pain that is not my problem. I am just uneducated on the subject. And I just want to know more about the step by step process.

btw – I did send some of these questions to the artist in my E-mail. I just am not patient enough to wait for a reply. lol.

fellow newbie –

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