Dear friends

I hope everyone is having a very nice start for 2011.


There I have requested a custom design for my existing tattoo,
but I have a small query.

Is laser process simple one ?

is it painlful ? I am not at all pain resistant even though i am pretty huge.

and in how many sessions does the tattoo goes off ?

laser removal process near chest area is any way harmful ?

is it good to cover the existing the tattoo with any other design or is it better to get it laser ?

Please guide me

I really need to get rid this off tattoo as it has left with me many tears and also it reminds me of awful 5 years i had.And things are getting better now,but this has been disturbing me mentally alot,kindly help me

Thank you


It seems faded and dim enough to just cover. It’s not to big either which is perfect.

I don’t think laser should even be considered here.

What are you going to get to cover it up?


I am looking for a cross or # 7,But I did not find any good design as of now.I have requested for a design in the design section but i did not get any response.

Any suggestion regarding a nice tattoo artist in malaysia ? especially in kuala lumpur


Laser is expensive and very painful but for a good cover up it is great for lightning it up so it can be hidden.

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