So, I’m kind of playing with a design for a second tattoo I’d like to get. I’ve always kind of liked phoenix tattoos but you just see so many of them, I kind of wanted to come up with something more original. I also was thinking about a raven tattoo… anyways, I then recalled a Ukrainian myth I’d heard in which the raven once had brightly colored plumage. In Roman myth, it was regarded as a “solar bird”, and many native myth speak of how it was the raven that brought the sun to the sky… so I thought, hey, why not make a phoenix-esque raven?

Anywho, I doodled up the following sketch/color scheme. And yeah, the coloring is lousy; it’s a ten minute Photoshop job (and the lineart one, it definately scanned through so the lines look incredibly thick- they’re not quite that close together).

I was hoping to get it on my shoulder blade, so decently large in size, and obviously it’ll be more detailed (unlike now). Would it be too hard to keep with the style of having the different portions of the tattoo separate like they are? With the blank spaces in between, I mean? Does it look good otherwise, in terms of design, etc? Any suggestions?


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I think it’s a solid concept, but that you’d be better served to go see a reputable tattoo artist, give him your doodle and allow him to draw you up a piece from scratch with your drawing as a jumping off point.

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