I want to have my new tattoo today. WHat should be the best design for it? Please give me some ideas regarding this. THanks

I have found a website about some tattoo designs, which of these designs should I prefer? Here is the site.
do’s and dont’s tattoo design


Great idea. I never thought about making an appointment and then coming up with the design. Also, who wants to waste time trying to come up with a creative idea when there are sooo many flash designs to choose from? Kudos to you and your unothodox approach to getting inked. By the way, the link you added doesn’t direct to any design specifically so I would say to take both designs that you like, put them in a hat and pick your tat by chance. This way you will know that it was meant to be and decided by fate.
Good Luck.


I think that topdog said it best so I won’t bother repeating lol. Whatever you end up getting good luck with it.

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