hey all, new to this forum and I decided to share my experience with my 3rd tattoo. Yesterday I got a floral design on my back. And…. no one could ever tell me how much pain that would be.:eek: My first tattoos hurt but were NOTHING compared to this. I had to reschedule to get the shading done because I could not take the pain but, I don’t even think I have the balls to face the pain again.

So my question to you all is, is there a tattoo on your body that you have not yet completed because of the pain? Or ever you ever had this experience and how did you deal with it?

http://yfrog.com/2ctattoolyj <-- pic of my tattoo


I know where you are coming from. I have a full chest piece in progress, but i am having to do it in shorter sessions because it fuckin hurts! More than any other of my tattoos (130 hours so far, so yeah, pretty intense!). One thing i have learned is that it is better to simply get as much done in one go as possible without taking any breaks. When you take a break, your body seems to think the session is over, and once you go back at it, it hurts even more than before! So when i go back for my next sessions, i will just tell my artist to just keep going without an breaks, and hopefully i will be able to endure more pain longer.


20+ hours on myself and my back wasn’t that bad. I got a tat on my chest this past friday and that shit fuckin hurts. Excruciating pain.
My best advice is to focus on the pain as it is coming. Don’t stop and work thru it, it can be done. When you focus on the pain, its almost like meditation. Also, you should watch the first season of “Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia” while getting tattooed. Just try not to laugh too much or you’ll piss off your artist.

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Really……..take a DVD player or something with you to keep your eyes, ears and brains occupied. makes the pain a little less.

Either that or just grit your teeth and schlog through it.

Pain…..can be pleasurable too, you know. hehehehehehe


I think you picked one of the worst spots to get a tat as far as pain goes. I think the others are right, you need to find a way around the pain in your mind. Topdog focuses on the pain, personally I do the opposite. I put myself in deep thought about something I need to work out- my relationship, my career, etc. I keep my brain as far away as possible.

That said, I don’t have any chest or lower inside back tats so do what you have to do. Keep in mind though that the pain stops the instant that needle is lifted out of your skin.


I agree with ross and loony bin, don’t take any breaks, when i got my first part of my ribs i sat for an hour and took a smoke break, then wen i went back to finish i only lasted about another 35-45 minutes before i had to tell him to reschedule. but i went back to finish it and it took another 1.5 hours to finish but i would of been able to sit through the pain much longer by not taking breaks. and bringing something like a dvd player, movie, etc helps a lot. as like you, i am going to be adding to my ribs in october and i am really NOT looking forward to the pain but it is worth it in the end

another thing i do, only because that spot is so bad, i wake up early that day, have a good breakfast, and literally pump myself up as if i am a linebacker in the NFL on gameday, ya know just get your mind set to deal with the pain, seems to help me a little bit

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i hear upper-side is one of the most painful spots. the center of my chest was a bit painful… collar bones where too. i guess anywhere right over the bones is where its hurt worst for me. but i have had plenty of spots where it wasnt very painful at all, the thick fleshy areas. i focus on the pain though, the way i see it is the pain is part of the experience. its what you can look back on and feel accomplished, knowing you where strong enough mentally to go through with it. even though the pain really is THAT bad for the most part, it gets annoying for sure. im planning on getting my side done soon, so i’ll be seeing how that feels.

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