I’ll be getting my first tattoo and I’ve been doing some research online trying to figure out a rough estimate about how much it would cost to get this tattoo

http://i37.tinypic.com/2lb0bk.jpg (Sorry for the bad quality of the picture!)

It’d be on my bicep, 4.5 inches long and 5 across(the branch is what’s 5 inches).

The words “still the optimist though it is hard” would be written under it in a 20pt simple font.

This would all in black and white.

Any Thoughts?


Every artist is different.
Every artist works at a different speed.
Some artists charge on a “per-piece” basis…some charge by the hour.

That being said, I would guess between $200-300 on this one.


Juba $200-300? Really? Who has been raping you? The most time will be spent on the lettering, there is no real detail in the design, all in black, I’m guessing $150 tops. This would take a good artist probably around an hour.
Find yourself a reputable shop and ask for the apprentice, you don’t need to pay for super quality for that design. Apprentices are a good way of keeping costs down and this is simple enough.
I get it, you drew that yourself or it has some meaning, but c’mon. Have someone draw the design for you that has some talent and you will be much happier with the final product.

I also think it should read: ” Still the Optimist, Although it is Hard” you can leave out the comma if the wording is spit over and under the owl.
You could go all capital letters but that is up to you.

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