I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a few weeks now. I’m not entirely sure what I should go with. It’s a bit hard to go with a good image as I can’t really sketch anything out, and I’ve been heavily considering between a bunch of quotes I love, that I feel define my life/personality.

– How long is ‘too long’ for a quote?
– Where is good placement for something like this? I really have no idea. I’m not particularly worried about the pain involved, just about what would and wouldn’t look stupid.
– I have no idea about things like fonts and colors and the like

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been considering:

“Only god can judge me.” (Tupac)
“So it goes…” (From Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5)
“Everything I’m not made me everything I am.” (Kanye West)
“Music is medicine” (Which is a quote that I bastardized to make it more applicable.)
“Poetry is a very dangerous word.” (Tom Waits)
“This life is not a circus” (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

There’re a few others, but these are the shortest.


If you’re not sure then my suggestion is to wait until you’re positive with what you want. Obviously it’s a matter of personal opinion but I’m not a big fan of tattoos with life defining quotes, especially ones from musicians. To me they just seem a little corny (is that word still used?) and belong on a T shirt. The first quote you listed is very common. Again, a matter of personal opinion but I’d wait until you can come up with a design to represent a quote and talk to an artist but if you go with a quote I’d stick with 3 or 4 words at most.


I would also try to find something to symbolize the quote, rather than get inked with the quote itself, particuarly since none of these quotes are terribly profound or insightful. Better to think it over and wait a bit than get something you want to ink over later.


don’t get a stupid chavvy 2pac quote i beg.

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?

I’ve thought about getting “so it goes” before. Great quote, great book. I didn’t get it because I’m not the biggest fan of text as tattoos. I almost did it though which says something about how great that quote is in the context of the book.

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You are not ready to get a tattoo. You need to sit on the idea longer until you are absolutely sure what you want.


I’m going to come off as a dick:

If you’re considering getting something Kanye West said permanently embedded into you… You should probably stay FAR away from a tattoo gun.

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As it has been said you really need to think hard what means the most to you as it is on for life.
The size and length is entirely up to you some go for chest, arm or collarbones as popular locations.

The key thing is do not make the text too small as it will blur and fade with age so you still want it readable. I would suggest 12 pt or bigger.

The Tupac qoute – seen hundreds of these and have to ask are you a religious person?

The phrase has been taken from

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1-5 (I used NIV)

Meaning that the only person who is capable of judging is G-d.

Font style is personal taste but make it legible – copperplate makes awful ink.

If any doubts don’t do it – you have the rest of your life to get inked.

Take care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.
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