I have been wanting a tongue tattoo as my first since highschool. The only problem, is I lack design ideas.

    I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas that I wouldn’t regret later on as my ‘first tattoo.’


    personally i hate tongue tattoos just because unless your up close you dont notice it, and it looks like you have something in your mouth thats black. I had a friend who had her tongue tattooed and it looked like it was infected but it was just the tattoo. However if that is what you want than go get it. We cant tell you what to get just please something original not store bought.


    For your first tatto I seriously wouldnt advise the tongue or inside of the lips. I know someone who had her lip tattood and seriously regrets it and she looks ridiculous. My personal choice is its hideous but also that its not something you can cover up when youre 65 should you feel you’ve made a mistake and Im sure lasering on a tongue doesnt work the same way!

    However, if thats what you want to go and you’ve looked into it go for it and I hope it goes well for you. Each to their own. I agree that you should perhaps choose something original and perhaps your own design so its your artistic input and idea.

    Good luck


    so, you want Other people to think of a tattoo for a bunk spot on Your body? lame….


    Ive known a few people who have had tongue/inside of lip tattoos and the ink hasnt taken very well.


    speaking of lame, where’d you get your back done?

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