I had always wanted a nine inch nails bar on the back of my neck. Last year i went in to get it done, and basically what happened and i didnt realize until 1 week later, when they transferred the tattoo to my skin, they had it upside down. An easy mistake to make and one that I didn’t catch onto when checking the positioning in the mirror.

    I was devastated when I realized it was upside down (the first N should be forward and the last backwards and this is the other way around), and despite taking care of the tattoo to the best of my ability, it has turned out pretty botched, and spotty and uneven. It’s very embarrassing and I will no longer wear my hair up. because there is so much black in the tattoo, it’s been difficult to think of a cover up, and not knowing anyone that draws, and coming up short of creative ideas with so little to work with, I’m turning to the tattoo forums for some ideas…

    Here is a photo of what my neck looks like right now: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/denonaba/photo-112.jpg

    Any advice would be useful…I love star wars, and was thinking if i incorporated space into it, which is black, that could help cover it up…but that is about as far as my idea goes…I would ideally love to have something star wars related because I am such a passionate fan…but if any of you know where i could turn for more advice, or know someone that draws up artwork…anything, any kind of advice or place to turn to, any ideas, anything would help…

    i’m at my wits end with this tattoo :-

    Thank you everyone!


    Fortunately it’s thinning pretty quick as you say so that s a good thing. The black is more of an old blue which is another good thing, but unfortunately it is in a pretty obvious place and anything that isn’t crisp and very good is going to be very obvious and probably make you regret starting a cover up process. I’d personally recomend getting a couple of lazer sessions before covering that up, make sure you can get as much detail in there without having to go major colour bombs and saturate the area.
    On another note I’ve been getting a skin tone lately over a very dark area I’m covering up, trying to lighten it up and get that extra bit of defining detail in there, it is working but I’ll take another hit before it looks clean enough to be happy with.
    Remember, covering up with almost any ink will make the tattoo look dirty, sometimes even constant hits will still not bring a clean colour out on it, usually you’ll get away with it on arms and legs etc, but the neck is pretty in your face (if you like) and will be important to be absolutely sure what you want and how confident the artist is that they will beable to accomplish it. I’d try to stay away from artists with little experience in cover ups, some artists do more cover ups than originals and may have a better idea of what you can accomplish.

    Good luck.


    unfortunatly this happens way to often. It is your job to communicate to the tattoo artist. They may have never done this or ever seen it before. You checked it out in the mirror and said yes to something you shouldnt have. This is a great lesson to everyone else, you need to look and make sure its ABSOLUTLY perfect before hand. Get some lazer lighten it up, not much else I can say. You could incorporate blues and reds which sometimes look okay when covering up otherwise black is usually the only best choice for over that color.


    This is one of those cases where if you have a large black tattoo, it’s impossible to cover it up without creating a huge dark blob. I would recommend tattoo removal, preferably with a laser to at least lighten it (it may only take a few treatments for this) then you could more feasibly do a cover up or reworking of the tattoo.


    I’d say dont go back to that tattoo artist. They did a pretty bad job.

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