I know its hard to admit to regretting a tattoo, it’s like proving all those people who told you not to get one that they were right. And the fact that it’s a permanent mark that you see everyday is a reminder of time, money, and pain wasted. So I thought I’d share my experience for those who are unsure about getting a tattoo.

    For as long as I could remember I wanted a backpiece. My dad had multiple pieces scattered over his body, so he was always an inspiration. Anyways, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted and finally settled on a hannya mask with wind bars and falling sakura blossoms. the idea was to have it cover my entire back. I shopped around some local shops but wasn’t taken seriously when I proposed the idea, I guess a first timer getting a backpiece is a bit unheard of. I finally went to one of the most reputable shops in my area.

    There I spoke to one of the artists there and after looking at his portfolio I liked what I saw so I put down a deposit. came back a week later and he showed me what he had planned. I dont know whether or not it was because I was really excited, but the design looked good to me that day. So we got started. First sessions was about 6 hrs, he had outlined the mask and some facial features.

    After I got home I panicked a bit, it didn’t look straight. Voiced my concerns and was assured that its nearly impossible to get it 100% straight. He had a point tho, bodys aren’t symmetrical and in all honesty the face is pretty straight. He then said he wanted to revise the design a bit and showed me a rough draft of what he had planned. it looked darker.. like he wanted to cover up some lines that he already laid down. But at this point I didn’t want to question his skill, after all he was the pro not me. and he assured me that the revisions would benefit the overall design.

    So i put my trust in his hands and gave him his freedom. afterall, it was in his best interests to make HIS work look good right? fast forward 40+ hrs of tattooing and it was done. It took longer than I was told, about 10 hours longer. That wouldn’t have bothered me too much if the tattoo came out the way I expected it to. But I was just glad it was over. The piece isn’t the worst, but I feel the shading is too heavy on the face and the sakuras look very flat and too angular in my opinion. I never voiced my thoughts about that to him, the work was already done, and he seemed proud of it, so I didn’t want to take that away from him. And at the end of the day I could only blame myself for getting too excited in the beginning.

    So here’s a few things that I recommend a newbie to do:
    Really look at the design the artist has drawn out for you, spend some time staring at it and voice concerns about how it’ll translate onto your skin. TAKE your time, a couple more minutes could save you from a disaster.
    Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, he may be the professional but it’s YOUR body and YOU’RE the one payiing!
    Realize that circles won’t look completely round and if it looks good on paper it will come out different on a surface that isn’t flat (your body)
    Be patient. If the artist you want to do the work is booked until next year, then wait a year. don’t settle for someone available.

    Take my advice, I’m stuck with my back covered with something i don’t LOVE. The worst part is that I feel these little steps could’ve made the difference between hating my piece or loving it. I’ve considered laser removal, but my piece is DARK with thick lines. I reckon that even if I could successfully remove it, it would take a long time and a lot of money, money that I don’t have.

    I hope this hasn’t discouraged anyone from getting a tattoo. I still love them, and if i ever get this one removed I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one to replace it (using caution next time around of course). Good luck guys.


    Im feeling the same way as you do , i wanted so much a tattoo that i almost didnt look at the design and now its on my bicep and i see it everyday . i really regret to have it ..

    id hard to admit i agree … but i wish i could come back and think before doing it .

    i didnt started form a selected model , i had only a bit cut on a paper of what i wante dans the artist drew the rest in 30 second and IMO it doesnt match with the sketches i had . i end up with a weird messy tribal armband .

    i think its easy to see if your tattoo is great or not after its been done . if people go like : hey you got a tattoo , show me , you can tell right in their face if its beautiful or not . mine isnt , nobody ever told me he was nice .

    it was perfect i said to the tattoo artist when i got out , i was happy i had my first tattoo done , but it took me less than a month to realize it was not great at all and ITS ON MY BICEP … i see it everyday . im barely wearing t shirt anymore cause i dont wanna show it .

    a nice tattoo can make you confident , but a bad tattoo can make you shame .

    i know my tribal isnt a full back tattoo . but its in a visible place . ๐Ÿ™

    were probably not the only one who regret , some people jsut dont wanna admit it . we all think it will be nice and 90 % of the unsatisfied probably get out of the tattoo shop very happy , it take sometimes to realized that mistake .

    i wish i could come back . well in fact , with removal and cover up …. i could probably come back .

    but thanks for sharing at least im not alone .

    and i will have other tattoo in my life for sure , but this time ill take my time .


    im really sorry you both feel that way about ur tattoos, you have to remember tho u see them everyday your gonna pick out faults and bits that aren’t quite right cos ur really studying it other ppl wont see it the way you are doing because they wont spend ages staring at it and examining every line so they might not be quite as bad as you think ๐Ÿ™‚


    I agree if your going to comment to a tattoo, think long and hard about the design.
    I’ve a large back piece and thankfully I love it. I spent hours, well more like months drawing, Thats probably why I lost my job! damm..

    I’ve now got a better job and a tat I’m really happy with.

    Can’t you find someone to do a coverup?, Tribial is one of the easier types to change or extend.

    Sorry to hear about your regets.

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