I finally got my tattoo covered up with something I absolutely love. It took 6.5 hours in two sessions and I’m going back for a quick touch up in a couple weeks. There’s only one small part of it I’d like to change, and it’s a part that is basically solid yellow (it’s a video game tattoo so there are many solid colours). That part is only about one square inch or so and it’s supposed to be reddish orange. If it helps, it’s the fire flower from Super Mario. The reason I’m asking is because I’ve been a pain in the ass asking my artist to tweak things (he’s been great and has done so whenever possible, and yes I tipped him well) and I was just hoping to see if any others have done anything similar. As far as I’m aware I believe yellow is one of the easier to cover colours? Especially with a dark colour like red? Anyway if it’s something that doesn’t sound worth bringing up I’d rather not point out that there’s yet another thing I’d like to change when I go in for what’s supposed to be just a quick touch up.



Should be easy to fix

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