So I got this tattoo exactly 5 weeks ago…picture is from today. It is still so shiny, black and wrinkled.

    I have many others (both larger and same size) and they peeled, faded and healed perfectly within 2 weeks.

    This one however never peeled that I saw or noticed. It itched around the 4th day but that was it.

    It didn’t and still doesn’t hurt and hasn’t been red any and you can only slightly feel some raising.

    I’m just worried it is not going to heal because it’s scarred.

    Please tell me I’m just still healing and that I didn’t ruin my body?!


    I have a newish tattoo that is 6 weeks old and it is also still looking shiny and wrinkled over the lines. It is a simple wave design on my inner ankle.

    I am also worried about whether it is scarred or just slow healing.

    Do you have an update about yours ended up healing over time? Did the appearance get better?

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