Hi I was wondering if any one has any advice on this topic I have a tattoo on my lower forearm I got it a few years back but it seems like every time i rub against any thing even fabric or any type of a little scratch the ink is fading right off Its starting to look pretty spotty. I definitely think it healed well during the process I had no problems with scabbing or infections. every time i rub against anything like say if I am carrying a box or even the one day I was sitting on my futon and It rubbed against the side of the material not even that hard and the ink is just fading right off. Would a touch up be any help? In that case I may have to get the whole tattoo redone to prevent any further fading. Is their any thing I can put on it? I do have somewhat dry skin. I am no expert on tattoos I have 2 of them so please understand my little bit of knowledge. Thanks for your help! Any advice Much appreciated!

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