So exactly 3 weeks ago today, I got my first tattoo. It’s very simple, no shading, and is just a continuous line about 2 inches. easy peasy.

So I followed the directions I was given. Which was wash twice a day with antibacterial soap and apply unscented lotion. I did this for about a week. and stopped with the lotion once it started scabbing because I wasn’t told what to do really and read to not do lotion because it needed to dry up.

I didn’t scratch or pick. No baths, lakes or pools. Well 3 weeks have gone by and I’d say it’s pretty much healed and it looks AWFUL. Really dark bold lines in some spots, really thin in others. It almost looks like a permanent scab. Half the lines are really thin and light, most are thick and bold. Its splotchy and just looks so terrible. I’m so upset


Will this get better? the artist had really good work, surely she could manage to do a simple line? I need to know if this is normal or not before going back to the shop and asking for a touch-up. It’s my first tattoo and I’m pissed that it looks awful. My friends have told me it’s not normal and that the artist really messed up.

I tried looking online and cant find anyone with the same issues.






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