I’m booked in to get 2 new tattoos, 1 of them is a large piece on my hip/thigh and will be done 6.5 weeks before I go on holiday.
    The other is much smaller, mostly line work, on my ribs. That will be done 4 weeks before I go.

    I intend to use spf 30 suncream and try to cover up – but I will be swimming in the sea and a pool and wearing shorts etc in the sun.

    Is 4 and 6 weeks long enough for them to heal enough?

    Does anyone have any tips for looking after new tattoos on holiday?


    I’m getting a new tattoo in 10 days and 3 weeks later I’m off on a holiday too. I asked my artist if 3 weeks is enough time to get it healed enough and he assured me it’ll be fine. Of course I’ll be covering up as much as I can and if it’s not covered I’ll be using lots of sunscreen as well. I’ll take my chances, haha.

    Other than what you’ve said about covering and sunscreen, I’d still use some skin cream to keep the new tattoo hydrated enough for a long while after healing. 🙂

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