I got my current hand tattoo on the 13th of april this year. Its healed well and i havent had any real problems with it, possibly a small touch up required but nothing major.


However, it has been over a month since i got it and ive noticed the area covered by the tatoo is rather sensitive, with a small amount of pain involved when rubbed against something. Most notably when reaching into tight pockets on jeans.


I was wondering if this is still part of the healing process or something that will be there constantly.


I have no issues regarding it, just curious really. I have one other tattoo on my upper arm which is much smaller and is mostly linework so i never noticed this issue with that tatoo.

Not sure how to attach images on mobile but if i can find out ill add a image of the tatoo.



Heres an image of the tatoo i mentioned


Design is inspired by Tokyo Ghoul character Uta.

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