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I had gotten my ears pierced back in the spring of 2014, and had issues with them healing all the way up to the summer of 2015 (even though I took very good care of them and did regular saline soaks) when a cyst started to form directly next to one of the piercings. I had the cyst removed, took the piercings out, and let them close up. The old site where the cyst used to be still acts up every now and again. My derm told me that cysts can sometimes form near sites of trauma, even properly executed piercings, and that some people’s bodies just resist the invasion of foreign objects more than others, even the more neutral materials like surgical grade steel and titanium.

Even more than piercings though, I’ve always wanted tattoos. Has anyone had personal experience with or heard of anyone having issues with tattoo ink being rejected from the body? I’m worried that since my body apparently didn’t like having piercings that it won’t like having tattoos either Not sure if the reasoning holds between the two cases.

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