Hello! I am looking for advice on the placement and healing of a tattoo I’m possible getting in the near future. I currently have 2 tattoo (a compass with two arrows behind it on my right upper thigh and the words bulletproof heart under my collar bones) and am looking to add a third to my collection. I want to get a bat tattooed on my pelvic area. It would basically be covered by my underwear and pants 24/7. I successfully healed my compass in the winter and was wearing pants pretty much all the time because I was still in school at the time but the fact that clothes would be touching this tattoo all the time has made me curious about the best healing methods and tips for this particular placement. I see allot of gorgeous pelvic tattoo online but can never find any advice or anything so any would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this crazy long thing and for any advice in advance!


It should heal just fine keep it covered so it doesn’t rub and keep it clean.

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