Hey guys, hope I’m in the right place.


I have 11 tattoos, none of which I have ever had problems with. One of my fully healed tattoos recently, has developed a ton of bumps underneath the tattoo and several around the tattoo. I’ve tried to get a pic but it doesn’t really show up on camera. It can get VERY itchy at times to the point where if I’m not careful the tattoo will scab up.

Its only in the center of the tattoo and the right side, never had any issues on the left side so I’m almost positive it isn’t an issue with the ink.

It isn’t the artist most likely because most of my tattoos have been done by the same person and I have a much larger one done by her more recently. Also, I have several other full color tattoos done with the same brand of ink that have been around for years.

Not sure if its placebo but I’ve popped an allergy pill on a couple of occasions and I’ve noticed the swelling go down but 90% of the time the tattoo is ugly and raised and swollen with small white-ish itchy bumps surrounding and within.

Could it be a food allergy or something, even if the reaction is ALWAYS in the same place?



I’ve done what I can photo wise to show the difference. One was taken a month ago, healed picture before this all began.
The other photo shows all the bumps and swelling

http://imgur.com/a/MBiPv – this picture was taken a month ago with the tattoo being healed for around 5 months before all this flare up stuff.

http://imgur.com/a/iFRb7 – this one is what my tattoo currently looks like during a flare up, it looks like this 70% of the time..


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