Hello all,

I got this tattoo 5 days ago. It’s my first tattoo with the exception of a ring finger tattoo (that didn’t seem to heal too well— the lines were fuzzy and kind of blown out which I heard were common with finger tattoos). Anyways, with this tattoo I didn’t bleed much or scab too heavily. Very light scabbing, minimal redness, no swelling, a little bit of itching currently as well as the light scabs are starting to fall off. I’m worried that it’s not healing well because under the scabs, it looks a bit blurred and not very vivid (see photos). Has the ink fallen off with the scab, or is the ink underneath a layer of dead (milky, shiny, wrinkly) skin? I know it’s only been 5 days, but I can’t stop obsessing over how it’s healing and I’m driving myself nuts haha. Interns of aftercare, I was using tattoo goo instead of a+d or aquaphor because I heard petroleum based ointments tend to pull ink out of the skin and suffocate the tattoo. When it started flaking I switched to After Inked lotion. I’m still washing it a few times a day and applying the lotion, staying out of the sun, not bathing, cutting down shower time, all the good stuff! What do you think?







It looks a little cloudy and will probably clear up a bit after it is completely healed. If it doesn’t go get your free touch up that most tattooist offer.

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