Japanese tattoo artist, TAKIZO MORO is supporting this crowdfunding project at Indiegogo.

Support this project, and you will receive exclusive collaboration item of TAKIZO MORO and Koya-san temple.


<u>■TAKIZO MORO(茂呂竹蔵)</u>

Well known as a Graffiti/Tattoo Artist belongs to CMK.

Started his career as a graffiti artist in the 90’s. Moved his scene to New York in 2002. He left a lot of Pieces and Throw-Ups in San Francisco, Bronx, and Brooklyn. In addition to that, while he was in New York, he started his private exhibition in Manhattan. As his significant work in the US, Takizo has tattooed Adam Levine, a vocalist from Grammy Award winning band, Maroon 5.

His style, a fusion of Japanese traditional style such as Ukiyoe(浮世絵)or Yamatoe(大和絵)and contemporary street arts like graffiti is highly acclaimed world widely.


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