5 Days ago I got a tattoo on my elbow/arm.
I put on aquaphor after the session then waited before bed to put on some more. The next day I only put on in the morning and later changed to Curel. Been washing it with antibacterial soap all the time.

I am concerned if its infected due to its highly detailed scabs. The artist told me its something not to worry . Just keep on washing it and lots of moisture. But its the first tattoo that this happens to me. Is it gonna get better? Because now it looks scary.

Thanks for the feedbacks!!

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That sure is some heavy scabbing. But it doesn’t look infected to me.


Different parts of the body heal differently. Scabs aren’t really anything to worry about necessarily, some places just scab and sometimes the artist has a heavier hand and that can cause it. If you start getting puss come out of it then its something to worry about. Don’t over wash it, just a little bit of cream in the morning and before you go to bed and lots of fresh air will be fine.


So now the scabs fell off but it looks like this. ( pic below )
Is this still part of the healing process? Because it looks like grayish instead of black. Unless after it heals it will get to its original color..



Yep, that’s about right.

Keep in mind that it will take 3 months to fully heal. Relax.


Just go get your free touch up after a month or so. What is it?

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