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I had my first ‘real’ tattoo completed in one 6.5 hour session 4 days ago on my right thigh. I have followed the aftercare instructions to a T and have kept it uncovered and out of the sun. Today I woke up to find a lot of the line work has blurred against my untattooed skin (it’s bled out about 3-4mm). I also had concerns about the bruising all over the tattooed area I seem to have broken blood vessels. However all of the swelling and bruising itself is gone and there almost no tenderness. Is it normal for the ink to appear blurry while the scabs are forming? I’m sure this has been asked before but I’ll ask again. Thanks so much

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I cant view the pic because im at work but it sounds like blown out lines. Theres nothing to do but wait till its 100% healed.


Same as above, cant view the pic on my work computer but if it has blown out its nothing to do with your aftercare, it usually happens if the tattoo artist has gone too deep or tattooed at an extreme angle, takes a few days for the blowout to occur rather than straight away which is the frustrating part because by that point its too late. Sometimes tattoos will look to blowout during the healing process and then will shrink back a bit so give it about three months to fully heal and see how you feel about it then.

If it still looks blurred out at that point you’ll have to consider your options with regard to coverup, ammendments, laser treatment etc. but you cant really know what you’re working with until then



Looks like it may be a blow out but it is hard to tell. You will have to just wait a awhile until that heals completely (months) to be able to know for sure. Sit back and relax there is nothing that can be done about anything now. Your aftercare did not cause this a blow out happens at time of tattooing.

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