hello everyone,

i had a new tattoo 3 days ago and have been feeling pretty rough ever since! experiencing chest pains, feeling sick (have been checked out at the hospital) the new tattoo is on my back and is alot bigger than any of my others was there for nearly 6 hours, and the docs seem to think my body has gone into delayed shock.
just curious to see if anyone else has experienced this after a tattoo?? and is 6 hours too long for 1 sitting?

any feedback greatly appriciated



Never had chest pains, but did have some fatigue for a couple days after a four hour session.


like the poster above me, i have never heard of this after a 6 hour session. i have heard of people getting sick during marathon sessions of 7 to 8 hour sessions for 3 days straight. maybe you had somekind of illness prior to getting your work done that you didnt know about. If your immune system was already weak, getting inked probably didnt help. i doubt your symptoms are from the tattoo process itself. Well hope you feel better, and i would love to check out your ink.



Everyones different, so your body may handle it in a different way than everyone else.. I sat for 5 hours on my last and went out and partied right after and felt fine the next day. But i know people that feel like crap for a couple days afterwards also.



What you have experienced is called ‘tattoo fever’ the sickness and fatigue is often a symptom of that. The chest pains could be linked to the accelerated stress your body was under.

I often feel ill after a tattoo session with cold-like symptoms and a fever that tends to clear up within 48 hours.

The reason for this is because you have just stuck a load of holes in your body and the pain causes the body a lot of stress so that endorphins and adrenaline can be produced.

Adrenaline whilst useful is actually toxic so nausea and heart palpatations can be experienced by some.

If you have had it checked out and they say you are ok then I would suggest rest and green tea for a few days.

You may have also had an underlying illness such as a cold that magnifies how you feel.

It should clear in a day or 2 if not head back to the GP.

Take care


thanks very much for the responses and get well wishes, i am feeling much better now than the last few days, a 4 hour afternoon nap seems to have helped!;)

will get some pics on soon as will be needing some advice on joining it up to another tattoo i have



Well said everyone. My last session was 4hrs and I was more tired than others and had a slight fever, who knows though I had a sore throat a couple days before.

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