What is the best ointment to use after getting a tatoo?
    is Bacitin Ointment good?
    I live in a place where there are no malls (I know, like omg) and we have only two pharmacies. so limited choice of ointments…


    your suppose to use A&D oitnment while it’s healing obivously but I just got my first tattoo & my aunt whose had tattoos for 11 years now told me she uses vitamin C capsules (with the lotion stuff inside). if I had a picture I’d show you, they don’t look eleven years old AT ALL, they look brand new ๐Ÿ™‚ I would reccomend to keep using the A&D until your fully healed (which takes a few weeks depends on if the tattoo has color or not) but after that deffinetly find something different because it’s extremely greasy & gives you pimples, yuck. Visit http://www.h2ocean.com/products.html also! they have awesome products for tattoos & peircings, if you live near a mall that has a hot topic they usally carry them there so you don’t have to deal with the shipping & handling ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kim N

    I have an entire sleeve, some back work, and chest work done, and have never used anything but bacitracin from the dollar store. i used tattoo goo once and it left these oily bumps deposited under my skin which made the healing process take even longer. So, I recommend any a&d ointment or bacitracin. Good luck


    Personally, I absolutely love “tattoo goo.” It’s a great product! It’s not greasy or sticky and it smells absolutely wonderful. I’ve used it continuously for about three years…even when I didn’t have a tattoo healing.

    White lighting

    Bacitracin is my preference, I give three packs to each customer. I tell ’em they can switch to Lubiderm after a week if they want. NO NEOSPORIN! It tends to draw the pigment out… not good. A&D is okay. No Vaseline or any petroleum based product. Regular hand lotion will work in a pinch, and be sure not to let it get too much sun. Don’t let the shower run directly on it either. Tattoo Goo or TatWax is good too, but pricey. Tat Numb or Deaden is good, and has benzocaine in it to keep pain to a minimum, but it’s about eight dollars wholesale and most shops don’t stock it. Deaden can be used during your tattoo sitting, and my customers tell me it helps a lot. Enjoy your new tattoo! Thanks.


    I only use Vitamin E oil…you can find it in the pharmacy with other skin care products.

    * BLONDIE *

    when i had my tatoo’s done my boyfriend recommended using savlon which is a cream in a blue tube, you can buy this at chemist’s and drug store’s. it basically heals the tatoo and make’s it look it’s best, it also sooves any pain.

    Lady M&M

    I am a tatoo expert ( at least thats what i call my self after 5 of them) all i use is A&D ointment for a few days after that you have to let the scabs come off themself. Dont peel it especially if you have color you will loose the color with the scab.

    Joseph S

    Jusk keep it clean and put Neosporin on it for the next day or two. then just put Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Lotion on it.


    I am heavily tattooed. use AQUAPHOR they sell it at target and pretty much any drugstore.

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