I got my foot tattooed yesturday afternoon, the redness has faded and the swelling is going down, the wrapping that the artist put on is not sticking anymore, should i apply a new type of wrap or is it okay for me to leave it undressed?
    okay well im using Tattoo Goo, the only problem is i have to be at work Friday at 10pm, do you guys think by that time i will be able to wear socks and shoes???


    Leave it undressed – keep applying a topical antibiotic to it – like Neosporin – for about a week to 10 days. It helps it heal – keep it moist, because it will dry out.


    You can leave it undressed but definitly don’t do anything to irritate it or rub the skin. Keep applying whatever product the artist gave you to help it along. Nothing should go too bad, but if anything starts to change to out of the ordinary go back to your tattoo artist and ask some questions, they are always willing to help.


    well i have 3 tattoo and i dont put any thing on them and they say put a&d cream on them but it just make it scabby so just leeave it alone and dont pick the scab u can see my tats on myspace shayluvarb@yahoo.com


    if the tatt is within the shoe line then you will need to ptu a cover over it to stop the shoe from catching the scabs that will form also put vaseline or other type on it to ease the scabbing

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