Hi guys, I just got 2 tattoos last year.
So far I dont use moisturizer because when I was in Indonesia my skin is not dry.
Now I move to Europe and I heard to keep the tattoos look good i have to keep it moisturized.
The question now is aloe vera gel good for fully healed tattoos?
How about baby oil or olive oil for skin / aloe vera oil, is it safe for tattoos?


that’s all ok for a healed tattoo,really depends on what you like to use,I use fragrance free Aveeno daily.

I don’t think the baby and olive oil are good in the sun,and I really hate the greasy feel they leave.


I am a newbie to the world of tattoos but both age and my first tattoo have validated the advantages of some lotion each day. I also use Aveeno of late but have also used cocoa butter in the past, too. I generally apply a light amount after showering in the morning and then before bed. The key seems to be a “light” amount just like during the healing process. A little goes a long way – don’t overdo it and make sure you rub it in well and blot off the excess.


I stay away from petroleum and fragrance enhanced lotions. Just use a small amount of whatever you choose.


Treat it like you would treat your skin

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