Sara Neville

So today I itched my forearm where my tattoo is and it started burning and getting bumps, kind like hives, raised welts.
The tattoo is about a year old, maybe a little over. It healed well and I’ve never had this happen before.
This is my 3rd tattoo and haven’t had it happen to the others.

The welts are only on the one color, its a red/brownish color if that matters?
The burning lasted I think 15min and the welts are still here (been roughly 40min) but are slowly going away.

It’s worth noting that I get hives on a regular basis, my doc told me it was tactile hives. And while they’ve popped up on my tattoos before its never been like this.

I’d post a picture but you can’t really see a difference, you have to look close or touch it.

Is this something I should see my doc for or is it just a weird reaction?


Take a Benadryl and see if that helps

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