First tattoo 9 days ago. I did plenty of research with the shop/artist and I don’t have a problem with them at all. They do answer my questions, I’m just feeling that 1st tattoo paranoia and wanted some opinions.

Took wrap off after a couple of hours, washed gently, then went into the wash gently/light coating of Bepanthen 3x a day for 1 week cycle. I then shifted down to applying the Bepanthen twice a day for a couple of days and now I’ve been advised to stop and let it dry.

Some areas look completely healed, some are peeling slightly and on some areas there is slight bubbling. This may be natural scabbing or due to a bit too much of the Bepanthen I am guessing. The other thing it’s doing is leaking a little ink onto my clothes. It’s never done this before, not even on day 1. Any red flags here?

As for how to proceed, is it ok to still wash it gently in the shower or do I need to leave it completely dry? Should I apply any lotion?

Picture of a bubbly area: Dem Bubbles


Welcome to the forum!

Relax. Your tattoo looks fine. Tattoos take months to heal.

What is your next tattoo?


Looks fine. maybe a bit less to no lotion/ointment on the bubbled areas.


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

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