I just got a small tattoo today and when I took the bandage off a few hours later like instructed I noticed some excess black ink around one of the lines of my tattoo- almost as if the artist didn’t wipe it off entirely before bandaging. Will this come eventually in the shower? I don’t want to scrub it hard right now and accidentally scrub my actual tattoo too hard. I tried to insert a picture to show what I mean better but I don’t know if it worked. Thanks in advance!



    Excess ink, plasma and gunk is totally normal from a fresh tattoo and can actually keep seeping this for 2/3 days after being under the needle. Artists suggest keeping tattoos wrapped in cling film at night for this reason because all the excess ink comes out of your skin and can get stuck to bedsheets.

    If you think about the tattoo needle being loaded with ink and then shot into your skin a bit like when a needle to take blood goes in your skin, when the needle comes out so does blood. Punctures in your skin will leak if excess has been put in which is the tattooing process. Mix all the ink with petrolium jelly or moisturiser that help the needle glide over your skin you are bound to ooze plasma and ink for days.

    I wouldn’t reccommend scrubbing a tattoo. Lightly wet the area by cupping luke-warm water in your hands and running this over the tattooed area. If it stings, this is normal but you may have the water too hot. Once the area is wet, take non-scented soap and lather up a small amount. Rub this over gently, using only the balls of your fingertips (be careful if you have nails not to scratch the area) and then rince in the same way by cupping. Try to get all the plasma off within the first 24 hours of being tattooed or it can form a really heavy scab.


    Hope this helps (but my guess is this is a few days ago and you’ve probably resolved it) 🙂

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