Hello guys, so I’ve had some complications with a cover-up I got about 5 and a half months ago.

TL, DR: It’s already ‘healed’ on the outside, however it still hurts. The way I could describe it is like a bruise type of pain and some slight but very noticeable burning as well. It comes and goes but feels more prominent after long walks or especially if I wear socks over it, this just makes it feel worse.


I had an 8-year-old black ink tattoo above the ankle covered up with a solid blue colored flower with white and black detailing in February 2019.

Overall the quality of the design/tattoo is absolutely terrible. However, my main concern at the moment is my health.

Right after getting it, the pain was quite bad, had really bad swelling and struggled to walk the following days. I took really good care of it but it was a long and painful process.

The pain was decreasing mostly, and about a couple weeks after, I was able to walk normally again with only occasional pain.

During the final healing process (peeling stage) some spots of ink and skin came off, revealing red skin underneath due to the pulling of the top layer. → this healed afterward.

Even though the pain was decreasing I still got flashbacks of pain. At no point during this did I have the common issues such as redness, lumps, fluid, pus, or swelling around the area.

So except for the pain that feels “underneath” the tattoo, it doesn’t look unhealed on the outside.

Lately, it has been increasing though, which is why I’m more concerned now. So it hasn’t got extremely painful yet, but the idea that instead of diminishing completely after all this time is annoying.

I have been unable to find any information online that resembles this situation because all issues point to infections or allergies, which symptoms don’t add up to my case.

I don’t discard those scenarios however after all these months I find it unlikely.

Could it be that the fact it’s a cover-up and the skin was still sensitive underneath?

Please, any help or similar cases would be helpful, especially when looking for treatment or solutions.

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