I’m new to this forum I Need a professional answer ,

Had my first Tattoo done its awesome!  how ever Ive been getting Acne on my arm the Tattoo is completely healed its over 2 months old I used Saniderm Bandages great healing and after I used the Hustle butter during the healing,

I keep getting pimples I have done some research I’m Taking Vitamins such as  (A 10000IU) and (Zink) I wash with Dial antibacterial soap and still wont go away ? Frustrating can someone give me some recommendations ? Please Help


Newbie Here



I had some spots come up on my leg once. have you tried a exfoliating sponge?

Do you have any photos? might be clearer what it is.


My ds is just 9 and a redhead and beginning to get a few pimples (in spite of natural eating routine w/no prepared nourishments and washing once every day w/Cetaphil). I recall my redheaded auntie had horrible skin break out as well. I see redhead teenagers regularly with skin inflammation. Is there something to this? Have you seen it w/your children or family?


New tattoos are more vulnerable to breakouts. You’re essentially dealing with an open wound at this stage, and any influx of bacteria can lead to breakouts and other irritation.

You probably already know that popping pimples is a no-no. Although it may be extra tempting if a zit is tarnishing your new tattoo, doing so can cause more harm than usual.

Popping, scratching, or picking at the acne exposes your tattoo to bacteria, increasing your risk for infection

Even if you avoid an infection, the picking process can still mess up your tattoo by displacing the new ink. This can lead to patchy, faded spots in your design and may even result in scarring.



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