I got my tattoo 4 days ago, it goes across my shoulder from my shoulder blade to my collar bone, and the parts on my collar bone are healing much different than the rest of my arm. The lines arent as sharp as when i left the tattoo shop and its very red and sore. Could it just be the location? This was my first tattoo so im not sure about it.ive been washing it about 3 times a day, adding aquaphore, and being very careful with it. Everywhere else the lines are sharp and healing nicely except for that spot.


Hi  Sarah

Collar bone skin is obviously very thin over bone.. could you pop some pics up so we can have a look please?

Washing it 3 times a day seems a bit much after 4 days but im not an artist..

Where did you have it done and what aftercare advice were you given?

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yep my friends collarbone was super difficult to get right. he had it done with white ink so not very obvious but you could see a little blowout on the bone area.

post some pics for us to see what you mean

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