I got my snakebite piercings 4 days ago. I’ve been taking pretty good care of them, rinsing with salt water, antiseptic mouth wash and a bottle of piercing antiseptic to put on the outside of my snakebites. Granted, it’s ear piercing antiseptic from Claire’s but she said it would work just as good. Anyway, I’ve had the normal swelling, but as I was cleaning them I noticed in the mirror that I had a red line starting from the side of my left lip piercing, curving down to the bottom of my chin. I’m not sure if it’s a blemish because I do have acne problems, infection, blood poisoning or what. It doesn’t hurt, but it is a tiny bit sore. The piercer put the left one in backwards at first and was squeezing my lip to find the hole, but I’m not sure if that would have anything to do with it because he eventually found the hole. What could this be?


Just go back to the piercer and have them look at it. Either its fine or its not.


How did you get on?

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