Hey all 🙂

I’ve got a pretty bad history with piercings failing, starting with my earlobes (which had to be done three separate times before they finally healed ok), then with a cartilage piercing a few years later… I basically always have problems with them healing. Not sure what it is, I’ve always tried to be extremely careful and keep everything clean, and it drives me nuts when some people can cover themselves in piercings and they all just seem to heal up in a month, so unfair!

After the cartilage piercing giving me so much trouble (after 12mths it was still unhealed and often infected) I just gave up, and figured I’d just have to stick with looking jealously at other peoples piercings for the rest of my life. That was about 8yrs ago and I recently had a piercing done mid-way up my ear, just as a test to see if I could get it to heal. It took 6mths but it has finally healed ok, so I’m now considering getting my nose done.

Just wondered if any piercing pros could give me some advice about whether it would be recommended given my track record with failed piercings; it wouldn’t be so great if I end up with a big lump of scar tissue on my nose or something. And I don’t know if this is weird but I blow my nose pretty often (in the morning, after a shower, that kind of thing), so I’m guessing that wouldn’t do me any favours?

Would love any feedback, thanks… 🙂



I think you have said it yourself if you have a serious amount of trouble with healing, getting one through the nose is def off the menu.

You may become victim to the dreaded bump which is a major hassle to reduce even for those fast healers. Also if you are prone to infection the nose is a gateway for opportunistic germs as it is straight into the mucus membranes or your bloodstream from the wound.

Have you checked out the reason for the rejection (metal allergy?) or do you have an underlying medical problem that slows your immune system?

Eitherway I would not recommend a nose piercing.

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Hey Matthew, thanks for your response, even though it wasn’t what I wanted to hear… 😛

I noticed with this most recent piercing as well as the one before it that when I tried to change the jewellery to something that wasn’t stainless steel, it all turned bad. I’ve googled it and apparently Titanium is completely fine, and I heard that it’s not possible to be allergic to it? But maybe it was coated in something that caused the problem. Anyway, the piercing flared up and started giving me heaps of trouble after being pretty much completely healed, so I quickly changed back to stainless steel and it then was fine within a week and I haven’t had problems since. Strange.

Anyway, I guess I’ll give the nose piercing a miss to be safe, maybe I’ll just draw one on with pen or something… thanks for your help! 🙂