So I want to get a facial Piercing. Because I want to look a bit different than I allways have haha.
I cant decide though. Iv had my nose done before but it closed up. I was thinking of a lip one but I get lip rashes and stuff all the time so it might not be so good. Dont know…
Other one I thought of is eyebrow, I’m just worried it will annoy me. Do they affect vision? I just cant decide what to get. I’m going through a bit of a change my look stage lol. Oh and I;m a girl, 16, and i’m homeschooled so school aint a problem for a piercing lol. HELP ME!! HAHA
Just some suggestions would be good. Also i was concerned with the eyebrow one cause I work and the work involves renovating a house and I spend alot of time sanding, I wouldnt want the dust to get in the hole and infect it… maybe I could cover it with something?


I have an eyebrow piercing and it doesnt effect vision what so ever :).
Sanding and stuff…it would probably be better to cover it with something like a plaster or something, just to keep the dust out. Oh and for a day or 2 after getting the piercing done you are advised (well i was anyways) to keep it away from anything that may get into the piercing, i wasnt allowed to get water on it, put make up on, or anything like that. Putting something over it will aggitate the piercing (i learned that the hard way because school didnt approve) and it takes longer to heal. Especially when putting on, and pulling off plasters.
If you are not sure on what piercing to get without asking the advice of others then i, in all honesty, would recommend not getting one until you yourself decide on it. Because if you go with what someone else says…then 2/3 years + down the line you are going to end up regretting it if it is not something you totally want. Yeah okay you can take it out, but you have to live with the scars afterwards.
Hope this helps
If you want any more advice on eyebrow/nose/lip piercings then message me or something 🙂

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I also have my eyebrow done and i love it ! I was lucky never got swollen or infected even after accidently hitting it numerous times while putting on/off my sunglasses. took a shower the same day.. then a week later was doing outdoor painting (involves sanding) and everything was fine. Really easy low maintenance piercing. I recommend jsut cleaning it out at the end of the work day with saline spray that they will probably offer you when you do get pierced. Hope this helped !


Have you looked into micro-dermal peircings? They are a touch more expensive, usually by ten dollars or so, and are defanitly different. My wife has one near her right eye that adds just a little extra sparkel to her smile. They embed under the skin and there are many different types of tips you could acessorise with. The only down side is that to remove it you have to go to a doctor and have it cut out. As far as the eye brow goes, if it is done correctly it would not interfere with your vision, but placement is key. Also, be sure to keep up with the proper cleaning regiment during the healing process or you stand a good chance of a major infection, or worse. I learned from experience and it nearly cost me. Another thing to consider is your age. Think about where you want to be ten or twenty years from now before making a permanent alteration to not only your body but your face. Again, speaking from experience here. I wish you the best of luck with your decision. If you have any questions about the micro-dermals let me know. I spent months and months and months researching them.


Regarding micro-dermals, I’d very carefully consider them. I’ve had several, the longest any lasted was 9months. They healed almost instantly and I found barely hurt getting them done (although I have a very high pain threshold), but if they’re anywhere that’s going to get knocked, don’t bother. Also be warned that the scar is much larger than your average piercing when they come out and mine are dipped in too. Don’t just think of normal knocking either, I had my hips done and didn’t account for kids and my goats being the right height to run into them all the time!
When I got mine the rejection rate was supposedly 2%… since having the last ones removed my piercer admitted that she has had to take hers out to replace with skin divers and has more people getting them removed than placed. I only know one person who has managed to keep hers in and she had them placed years back but they still flare up all the time.

I’m a very fast healer and have never had an issue with any other piercing, but the dermals will be absolutely fine one minute and flared up the next, they are a piercing that never heals.

If you do go for these choose the new option with several smaller holes or even better skin divers. These are not permanent (like micro dermal) piercings, meaning that the scarring is much smaller if they do come out.

Also if you have microdermals be warned that the removal is much more painful than having them put in. Unless your piercer is medically trained she will be removing with a needle and not a scalpel, meaning that the skin is basically being ripped away. On the other hand, if you go to someone medically trained, most will refuse to touch them, sending you back to a piercer.

As much as I loved my dermals, I wouldn’t go back and have them again. (admittedly I’ve walked into my local shop several times with the idea of replacing them in mind!)

If you ever need a EEG/MRI/CAT etc scan, they also are not happy about dermals, so if you need any of these that you know about don’t have it placed near where the scan is needed!

As HR says, think very carefully about any piercing on your face as it will be with you for life either with jewellery or scarring.

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