anyone know where I could purchase a 2mm black barbell (approx 10mm in length)?
I’ve seen some advertised on some shops however at a cost of £10 inc P+P! I don’t really fancy paying that amount as the barbell will probably be only used for 2-3 months till my lobe is healed and I go up to another size.
there’s a company on ebay I used for a 1.6mm barbell which came in at £3.50 inc P+P so ideally im looking for something around that price. I’ve e-mailed the company I purchased that one from and they said they’ll keep a look out for me so just want to see if anyone else has any other suggestions.

thanks all:)


Check your PMs.
I sent you a link for a cheap black barbell.


Thanks for the reply BIKERinBLACK77. A couple of issues though with that link. First off it’s an American firm so assuming shipping may be a lot more to get to the UK. also the minimum order is $100.

Thanks for the suggestion though:) anyone know of anywhere in the UK I could purchase a cheap 2mm black barbell?



£7.50, and 75p P+P or so. That’s not quite £10 :p

EDIT: Oh, I didn’t read the bit about £3.50 or so. Now I’m even less helpful


been on that site, and they were one of the first places where I saw the £10 ish barbells.
hoping the company i got my 1.6mm one can get hold of a 2mm one for me for similar price as im struggling to find a 2mm in the price bracket I want to pay.
getting more work on my tattoo on saturday in Camden so may have a snoopy around there for something if nothing else pops up.


have you looked around local shops . most hippie, rock , goth shops sell body jewellery 😉
they do in nottingham anyways :rolleyes:

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