Rob G

    …done safely. What is the best way? My daughter has been asking to pierce her ears for a couple of years, and she does not know this, but I was planning to let her on her birthday.

    The thing is, I have been to ‘examine’ the shop that does it, to see how they go about it, and I have serious reservations.

    It seems the gun thing they use takes brand new, sterile earrings, but the gun itself just gets a quick wipe. I am not convinced with the explination that ‘as long as the studs are sterile it is safe’ – this thing touches the earrrings and the ears, and the last person it was used on could have left any number of nasty diseases on it.

    I am prepared to concede on letting her have holes poked through her ears, since it is so important to her, but I am not prepared to let her get HIV or hepatitis from them.

    Is there a way she could have them done safer than this, say with a totally sterile, brand new piece of kit? Price is not the issue. I will pay however much extra it costs to make sure she gets it done safely.

    Vanessa C

    Go to a known chain like A Claire’s because of the liability involved I am sure they will make sure competent people only will be allowed to pierce .. and most piercing guns are disposable… just asks questions before you sign anything

    some dr’s offices…. if it is a pediatricians do piercing if not ask around.


    Go to a nice little place in the mall like Peircing Pagoda. You don’t have to worry abot HIV or hepatitis or anything, its a very respectable place to get it done and I honestly have never heard any bad stories. Don’t go to Claire’s, most of the people who get piercings there seem to get an infection. But it is okay to buy other earrings from there after they have healed. And although keeping the piercings clean is the most important way to prevent an infection, make sure the earring you chose is of high quality, even if it is a little bit more expensive.

    Sabrina P

    Don’t get them pierced at Claires!!! My friends who got their ears pierced at Claires got their ears infected.


    Never get ANYTHING pierced with a gun! Go to a professional body piercer, they are trained to put holes in skin. With a piercer, the instruments are sterilized so you can not get anything from them whereas many of the piercing guns can only be wiped down. Hepititus and HIV can possibly live through a wipedown and get passed on to the next person. Also the gun forces the earring through the ear causing much more pain and damage than a piercing needle.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Get it done with a needle by a body piercer at a tattoo/piercing place….it is much safer..


    I have had my ears pieced with guns many times and no issues. you have to clean them daily and be sure to leave the studs in for a long time. Make sure not to touch them with dirty hands either. I left mine in for 6 months and twisted the backs regularly. I got mine pierced at Rogers when I was 10 or so. The rest came from places in the mall. They mark a dot on the ear to make sure you like the position.

    As for piercing any other bodypart you cannot use a gun.


    never ever get your ears done by a gun that is reusable unless it is scrubbed and bagged then placed into an autoclave after each use ready for the next victim.

    just in case some people are wondering why this is…….. when the body is puntured even by a tattoo needle or anything that breaks the skin and draws blood, there are microscopic blood particles that disperce into the air around it upto 2 mtr aproximate ….

    this means that unless the ear piercing gun is a disposible one then the next person to recieve a piercing is potentially a victim of cross contammination.

    going to a professional piercer is the best option, they use needles to pierce the skin which is a much better way to do it as the needle is disposible and also the skin is not traumatised with the stud being litterally forced under pressure throught it.
    when the skin gets traumatised then there is a much higher possibility of keloid scaring occuring, im sure you dont want this to happen

    just my 2 pennies worth 😉

    American Infidel

    Walmart did my nephews

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