Questions for anyone that has their nose pierced?

    do you keep it in while you sleep?

    what do you have to do to it everyday to make it heal?

    if you take your earing out,say because your going somewhere and your parents want it out,will people notice the hole?




    I have had my nose pierced for about 6 years now.

    Yes you sleep with it in. After a bit of time you won’t even know it is there.

    Healing- all you need to do is make sure you have a clean face. Wash your face 2-3 times a day with antibacterial soap and while the suds are around the piercing turn the piercing (gently). Rinse your face well. DO NOT over clean because this will dry everything out. No rubbing alcohol, peroxide, bactin, neosporin. Don’t play with the jewelry either. If you get some debris in there I suggest what I use it is saline in a can cost about 3.00 bucks at the pharmacy.

    I don’t change mine much because I have a small flat stud in there. Nose piercings close VERY quickly so don’t take it out if possible. They have retainers you can use that are the color of skin or clear so if you are trying to be discrete. I had mine out for a couple of days and it almost closed completely.

    Good luck.


    It should not get caught on anything while you sleep. Leave it in while you sleep.
    Nose pins have a small bulb at the end, so that they do not fall out
    If you take it out, the hole with tighten considerably, so do not leave it out for too long. You can buy clear plastic nose pins that are more difficult to see. (I wear an 18 gauge nose pin. I put in a smaller gauge pin for only a couple hours and it was very difficult to get it back out and the larger one in)
    Clean it by pouring alcohol or peroxide on it. Also put the alcohol or peroxide on a cotton swab and clean it from the inside.
    Be sure to move it around a few times a day when you first get it done, to help keep it free from puss build up.
    It will take about 2 months for it to heal: but it will still shrink in size if you remove the pin for an extended period of time, making it painful to put it back in. This does not mean you can not remove it, but you will likely tear up when you try to put it back in after an extended period of time.

    palle m

    am not stupid enough 2 get my nose pierced


    Yes you keep it in while your sleeping but put the back in when your sleeping because it’ll fall out if you don’t

    You just have to leave it in everyday for a while, after like a month, you can take it out and clean it with alcohol.

    People will notice the hole if it’s big, but you can easily coverit up with some foundation.

    Hope this helps!!


    i started on my ears when i was like 13. i have them pierced straight down. now i have my nose. my septum nd my lip..both sides…i want my monroe done when my face gets a little thinner lol but i dont kno if i will or not…soo my bad story on my septum piercing the chick that did it was a pro or atleast i thought so. i knew her so i only paid 20 dollars. wellll she pierced it crooked and it went on a slant instead of straight across nd it got infected. so i had to go back nd have her take it out nd it was like gushing blood and she repierced me..the right way. so yea it hurt like hell nd my cartilidge is fucked up cuz of the first time but it still looks alright.

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