Im 13 and want my belly button pierced but im a sorta outie:'(
    i live in spain and im going to england to visit my dad, mum said i could get it done then. now im really worried about going to the piercer and getting disappointed. this is the only piercing my mum will allow (apart from the 2 studs in ears). ppl have told me that there is enough skin there but i wanna have more opinions.

    dont say im to young for a piercing or why would i wanna do that to my body… i want it and i know im ready.




    P.P.S. sorry if the pics dont work…ive never added pics on here before (if you could tell me, that would be quite handy…).

    P.P.P.S. plz tell me if i can get it pierced on another side of the navel, i dont mind where i get it done.


    Absolutley, I dont see why not just ask around, make sure you get it done where its sterile, tatoo parlour will do it. Um ask them wher the best place to get it done would be.

    Nic O

    Don’t you think it’s kinda strange to have an outite pierced??? I think you should get it surgically removed before you get it pierced. It would look soooo strange to be in a bathing suit and have people looking at your outie with a diamond in it. But that’s just my opinion.


    yers isnt tht bad of an outtie. i think you can get it done! i got mine done and it looks adorable!!


    i dont see why you wouldnt be able to get it pierced.


    you have definitly enough skin dere to get it pierced


    yea. you’re good to go.


    Pfffft. I’m going to have to disagree with the people who are acting as though outie belly buttons are somehow horribly disfiguring monstrosities. I assure you, it’s a very natural thing, and lots of people are outies. You don’t need to have anything “surgically removed” before the piercing (that’s a beyond ridiculous). I’m sure your navel piercing will look just as cute as any other. Love your outie and WORK IT, sister! Go for it. =] Good luck.

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