I don’t watch these shows but I came across this article not long ago and though it was suited to this category. Some of you may find it an interesting


    The tattoo shows have changed the tattoo “community”. On the good side, tattoos are more socially acceptable now. On the bad side, there are many people doing tattoos without proper training, and really doing shit work. The most annoying thing is that people now want their tattoos to have stories and special meanings.

    The artist that does most of my work was on “Best Ink” for five episodes. It has benefited him by expanding his contact and client base.


    I caught an episode or two of that Tattoo School show. Absolutely terrible. It’s common sense that you need accurate training to be a decent tattoo artist, not to mention pretty good artistry skills and if people were smart enough, they would know that these sort of artists are definitely a no go. I made the mistake with my first tattoo but I am thankful things worked out for the better on it. The show itself I know didn’t last long and thank god it didn’t. Like I said, absolutely terrible.

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