I’ve recently given the thought to getting a tattoo on my shoulder. I currently do not have any other tattoos or piercings.

For the past 6 years I have not fully committed myself to anything and always screw around with school etc. I recently have gotten my act together and I’ve been looking for something to remind me about always giving 100% whenever i look in the mirror.

I created a thread here: http://www.thetattooforum.com/tattoo-designs/design-requests-find-an-artist/24849-first-ink-briainstorming.html#post146874

Basically I want a Tribal tattoo in a way, on my shoulder nothing that would go past 1/4 the way down my arm or up my neck at all. I’ve been looking for a symbol that represents hard work or never giving up. Anyone got any ideas? I was looking for something a little more original since tribal tattoos are pretty common, but want something that would highlight/define my shoulder like tribal ones do in a way.


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